TDS on purchase of goods under Section 194Q of Income Tax Act –

TDS on purchase of goods under Section 194Q of Income Tax Act

TDS on purchase of goods under Section 194Q of Income Tax Act.

As Applicable from 1st July, 2021.

As per provisions of section 194Q of the Income Tax Act, TDS is deductible if-

  • The buyer is responsible for making payment of a sum to the resident seller; and
  • Such payment is to be done for the purchase of goods of the value/ aggregate of the value exceeding INR 50 Lakhs.


Explanation of the term ‘buyer’-

As per explanation to section 194Q, the term ‘buyer’ means as under-

  • A person having total sales/ gross receipts/ turnover exceeding INR 10 Crores in the immediately preceding Financial Year in which the specified purchase of goods took place;
  • Buyer will not include anyperson notified by the Central Government.

Time of tax deduction on the purchase of goods under Section 194Q

TDS on purchase of goods is to be deducted by the buyer within earlier of the following dates-

  • At the time of credit of the sum into the account of the seller; or
  • At the time of payment of the sum thereof.

Rate of TDS deduction under Section 194Q

The buyer is liable to deduct TDS at the rate of 0.1% of the purchase value above INR 50 Lakhs.

However, in case the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the seller is not available. Then, the buyer would be liable to deduct tax @5%.

The effective date of applicability of provisions of Section 194Q

The provisions introduced vide section 194Q will be effective from 1st July 2021.

Exemption available under section 194Q-

TDS provisions covered under section 194Q are not applicable under the following cases-

  • Transactions on which TDS is already deductible under other provisions of the Income Tax Act; or
  • Transactions on which TCS is collectable as per provisions of section 206C[other than a transaction on which TCS is collectable under section 206C(1H)].

Other important points related to Section 194Q

Some of the important points relating to TDS deductible on purchase of goods are summarized hereunder-

  • TDS is also deductible under section 194Qagainst any amount credited to ‘suspense account’ or any other account under the books of accounts of the person liable to make payment of such income.
  • Transactions, wherein, TDS is deductible under both the provisions i.e., section 206C(1H) and section 194Q. Under such cases, TDS would be deductible only under section 194Q.
  • Provisions of section 194Q are not applicable when the seller is a non-resident.
  • In case the buyer fails to comply with the tax deduction provisions covered under section 194Q. Then, as per the provision of section 40a(ia), there would be disallowance of expenditure up to 30% of the value of the transaction.
  • As not specifically mentioned, provisions of section 194Qapply to the purchase of both the types of goods i.e. capital as well as revenue.

Examples relating to section 194Q

Example 1 –

Mr. A, a buyer, having a total turnover of INR 50 Crores. Mr. A purchases goods from Mr. B, a seller, worth INR 52 Lakhs.

Analysis of applicability of section 194Q in the given transaction is narrated hereunder-

  • Since buyer’s turnover is above INR 10 Crores, provisions of section 194Q get applicable.
  • Further, the buyer has purchased goods having a value of more than INR 50 Lakhs.
  • TDS under section 194Q will be deductible by the buyer in the following manner-
Particulars Amount
Taxable amount (INR 52 Lakhs – INR 50 Lakhs) INR 2 Lakhs
Rate at which TDS deductible under section 194Q 0.1%
Amount of TDS deductible INR 200

Example 2 –

Mr. X, a buyer, is having gross receipts of INR 40 Crores. Mr. X buys goods from Mr. Y worth INR 60 Lakhs. Notably, Mr. Y, a seller, is having a turnover of INR 15 Crores.

Applicability of provisions of section 194Q in the above transaction is narrated hereunder-

  • Provisions of section 194Qget attracted as the buyer is having gross receipts above INR 10 Crores.
  • However, provisions of section 206C(1H) also get applicable as a seller is having a turnover above INR 10 Crores.
  • Applicability of TDS/ TCS provisions are analyzed hereunder-

Since both the provisions i.e., section 194Q and section 206C(1H) gets applicable. TDS would be deductible only under section 194Q as per the table below-

Particulars Amount
Taxable amount (INR 60 Lakhs – INR 50 Lakhs) INR 10 Lakhs
Rate at which TDS deductible under section 194Q 0.1%
Amount of TDS deductible INR 1000


Section 194Q of the Income Tax Act, TDS deducted by Buyer from payment made to seller @ 0.10% if

  • Total Turnover of buyer more the 10 Cr. In Previous Years.
  • Purchase value exceeding Rs. 50 lakh from single Supplier.